I will work side by side with you to set goals and develop an effective action plan to achieve them.
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I will provide you with the necessary support, tools and strategies to overcome difficulties and achieve the desired changes in your personal and professional life.
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I will work to build a relationship of trust with you and provide support and guidance to ensure positive and sustainable results.
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A trainer specializing in self-development, personal and professional growth. I work to provide consulting and training in the areas of well-being, personal and professional improvement to companies and individuals. I am experienced in dealing with leaders and entrepreneurs who strive to achieve success and overcome the obstacles they face in various sectors.
I have more than 16 years of experience in the field of education and training. I hold a master’s degree in human resources development and also a professional doctorate in business administration. Additionally, I am a certified coach and specialize in empowering individuals and enhancing their personal well-being. I work to transfer knowledge and skills using innovative and effective training methods to support individuals in achieving their goals and improving their quality of life.
My philosophy revolves around the scientific use of positive psychology methodologies and cognitive behavioral development. I rely on providing a variety of tools and techniques that help individuals understand and develop their patterns of thinking and behavior. I am committed to helping individuals regain self-confidence, achieve personal and professional balance, and achieve their goals in life.
You will have a unique and productive experience with me, as I will guide you and listen to what you really need. We will work together to develop a personalized roadmap for you and achieve it using innovative tools and techniques. You will gain new skills and learn how to achieve your goals effectively. I’m here to help you grow, develop, and reach the best version of yourself.


Personal and Professional Counseling and Training (PPD)

Personal and Professional Counseling and Training (PPD) programs are valuable and effective services that provide individual and group sessions. We use various tools and techniques such as active listening, behavior analysis, and plan development aimed at helping individuals achieve their personal and professional success and enhance their overall well-being.

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

I can help you provide Individual Development Plan (IDP) services. This plan aims to help individuals achieve their professional goals. The plan must be flexible and adapt to changes in the individual’s needs and personal and professional circumstances.
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You can browse our services and products, and learn full details about how we influence the personal and professional well-being of managers and employees.

If you have any inquiries or special requests, you can also contact us directly through the website to better assist you. We are ready to offer you our assistance and support in achieving your goals of well-being and high performance

Founder of the ALRAFAH Project | President of ALRAFAH Club

Thank you for trusting us with the Welfare Project and my role as President of the Welfare Club. We can help you realize your vision and develop this project. We provide various consulting services to design and implement well-being programs that meet the needs of your organization. We can also provide training and guidance to your well-being leadership team to ensure the success of the programs and provide a distinctive experience for your employees.
We consider well-being to be holistic, encompassing physical and mental health and well-being, as well as culture, entertainment and socializing. We provide tips and strategies for organizing events, workshops, and activities that enhance well-being and provide value to the work team.
In short, we specialize in supporting and developing welfare projects, and we are ready to cooperate with you to build a successful welfare program that meets your aspirations and meets the needs of your employees.


Professional consulting and training


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